The Union of Associations MULTIKULTURA

The Association MULTIKULTURA is the first Polish UNION of Associations working on multicultural education and art with application of new technologies. It has been registered in July 2007 but some of its members Associates are officially registered for decades. THE ASSOCIATION MUZYKA CENTRUM is already registered for 30 years, ASSOCIATION AT HOME 12 years and, ASSOCIATION KORBOTURBINA 6 years. Multikultura is the educational provider for people in all ages. It is a non government partnership that pursues its didactic and artistic aims through an integrated research on Intercultural Communication operating on the local, national and international scale. Bringing together results of integrated research and teaching methods, in order to develop existing curricula to innovative ICT system addressing needs of Europe's new cultural situation.

The fusion of the Associations brings together specialists from different fields with long time experience in the international projects implementation. The research team of Multikultura is strongly concerned to reform the ways of artistic expression and education by digitalization of cultural materials and e-services for educational environments. The multimedia educational materials produced by the Union’s experts are used in many Universities of Europe: Krakow, Warszawa, Gent, Tel Aviv, Utrecht, Stockholm, Berlin, Athens.

Art Association Muzyka Centrum

Art Association Muzyka Centrum is a society of performers of contemporary music, founded in June 1977. It organizes concerts, festivals. workshops, records Cds, arranges outdoor and Internet projects. Till the end of 2007 the society organized 516 concerts presenting around 450 Polish and world premiers, repertoire in significant part dedicated to Muzyka Centrum.
The society combines several ensembles. The oldest one is Muzyka Centrum Ensemble, the group with variable set of instruments, synchronized with each program seperately. Muzyka Centrum Orchestra was founded in 2005 as a part of the European Modern Orchestra project. The orchestra combines soloist of the society, as well as young musicians specialized in new music.

Muzyka Centrum aims to promote a cultural dialogue and exchange of young Europeans by the means of a collective international co-operation in organising a series of music festivals with workshops on a music fusion. Muzyka Centrum aims to create conditions appropriate for emergence of new music styles in international co-operation and face to face meetings of young European musicians; thus facilitating the access to culture and a wider cultural participation of young people


The Main goal of the KORBOTURBINA is to promote social inclusion disadvantaged groups through the initiation and implementation of educational and cultural activities. KORBOTURBINA provides on-line non-formal and informal learning and training activities for people of all ages and social categories. Cooperate with educational institutions, vocational groups of professionals, psychologists, language therapists for dyslexia,VET teachers and trainers who provide innovative treatments to help in learning disabilities.

Operating in the rural, post industrial area Nowa Huta KORBOTURBINA is in constant cooperation with the local authorities and teachers, trainers or VET-professionals providing work-based trainings to stimulate education and employment of local inhabitants. KORBOTURBINA organize many public events and take active part in the local community problems. Main activity areas: vocational training/adult education; social integration of disadvantaged groups; youth and civil society. Increasing capabilities of citizens by addressing the needs of the labour market in the context of lifelong learning and ensure open access to different levels, forms and methods of acquiring knowledge and skills development of every citizen of the region regardless of gender, age, residence, ethnicity, social and material status.

Association AT HOME

AT HOME aims to support ethnic minority by promoting the participation of their representatives in radio, television and the interactive media. AT HOME has no broadcasting time but closely co-operates with polish national and local (public and commercial) broadcasters.

The media play a special role in enlightening the public by drawing attention to the growing diversity of cultures in society and audiences. A multicultural broadcasting policy, both in programming and in employment, can have a profound effect on the perceptions and attitudes of the public. The new audiences should be able to recognize themselves in mainstream broadcasting. Integration of cultural diversity in broadcasting demands changes in radio and television programmes and personnel policies. Staff needs to be re-trained, diversity management has to be introduced, media training centers need to review their curricula and most importantly, more young people from immigrant and/or 'ethnic minority' origin will have to be encouraged to opt for a career in the media.

AT HOME specialize in the promotion of intercultural attitudes on the local, national and international level with the application of multimedia. It was established in 1997 as a result of spontaneous international cooperation of artists, art patrons, teachers and cultural institutions from neighbouring countries. Its formation coincided with collective international art projects which became an important part of governmental policies. Since 1997 the Association acts under the honorary auspicious of the City Halls of Kraków and Przemyśl.
The Association’s policy is to aim at a harmonious development of Polish live style with respect to the equal rights of all minorities. It is also the Association’s goal to initiate and implement projects in the field of culture, which can unite European cities. The Association arranges and implements artistic and educational projects with intercultural issues. The most significant project is The International Film Festival “AT Home” organized annually in Kraków and Przemyśl. The festival promotes participation of minorities in multimedia. AT Home cooperates with the local television station, Telewizja Kraków involving the best European filmmakers.

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Association THE THIRD TRACK is an NGO whose main purpose is to promote, initiate and support cultural events and activitie connections, relations to movies, music, theater, dance and innovative audio-visual arts.

This Association also undertakes activities to promote tolerance and international dialogue and the idea of European integration, as well as in the promotion of social activity of citizens, including socially disadvantaged groups.

The Association pursues its objectives, in particular by conducting educational activities for children, youth and adults, as well as by organizing festivals, events and group video productions to achieve the statutory goals of the association.

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