The Union of Associations MULTIKULTURA

RePlaY Project

RePlaY (Re-Plan- Years 2014-2020) is a one-year project (Europe for citizens – action 1, Measure 2.2) that aims to enforce the role of older and senior citizens in active participation in the EU civic and democratic process. It brings together 11 organisations from all over Europe in order to stimulate EU cooperation in the field of active ageing and European citizenship projects. Active ageing, intergenerational dialogue, active citizenship of seniors, new Europe for Citizens Programme 2014-2020: are you interested in these topics?

Bunkier Sztuki Gallery

CONTROL STRIP is the new information-cum-presentation platform launched by Bunkier Sztuki Gallery. Thanks to the correlated action of cameras, monitors and online publication of data, all managed by our tailor-made computer programme, you will now be able to access images from the interior of Bunkier Sztuki Gallery wherever you are via global communication networks. The structure of Control Strip enables interactive audience participation. By putting in the hands of viewers the tools for the creation of and intervention in the projected image, we provide them with informed participation in cultural activities.

Control Strip provides access to the know-how of art employing innovative media as well as documenting it. Control Strip is a platform which allows the viewer to be immersed in cyberspace and experience virtual reality without frontiers anywhere in the world.

Visegrad Fund

Intercultural mobility is the passage of individuals through cultures either through geographic movement or through a system of social hierarchy. The issue of mobility is highly relevant in V4 countries as they face the same challenges. Migration is a pressing issue. After the democratic turn, V4 countries were characterized as transit countries that has changed and immigration has become part of everyday life. The lack of integration policy, limited institutional capacity and xenophobic public opinion are averse to harnessing the economic, social and cultural potential of incoming migrants. While several NGOs offer integration services and guidance to migrants; knowledge exchange and transfer of innovations among organizations is limited across V4 borders.
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